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PR6000 Spot
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PR6000 Spot 요약정보 및 구매


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Main Features:

  • PHILIPS MSR Gold TM 2000/1 FastFit(2000W)

  • 7.3°~68°linearly adjustable zoom

  • DMX512 wireless signal receiver

Other Features:

  • 3 level powers: 2000W/1500W/1200W

  • CYM colour mixing +7 dichroic colour filters + linear CTO

  • 12 indexable rotating gobos(at high speed) +7 fixed gobos ( all easily interchangeable)

  • DMX controlled, linearly adjustable focus (8- or 16-bit)

  • Linearly adjustable dimmer, Iris

  • 1x3 facet prism (bi-directionally, rotatable, indexable)

  • 1 linearly adjustable frost wheel + 1 changeable animation(effect) wheel

  • Wireless DMX control, optional DMX512 wireless signal transmitter

  • RDM control protocol

  • Input signal isolating protection

  • Energy saving function of the ballast

  • Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding, error messages

  • Setup options by rechargeable battery inside without power connection

  • Modular construction for easy maintenance


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